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Palmetto Bugs- The Measures of Control

Many people are not sure whether or not the palmetto bugs can be classified as cockroaches or not. Entomologists all over the world have opposed the opinion that palmetto bugs are not cockroaches. These roaches are mostly found in the North America and lives both in the homes and in the palmetto trees. Different nicknames have been given to these bugs like the southern cockroach, flying water-bug, Bombay canary, and the flying cockroach. Palmetto bug is the nickname for the American cockroach.

There are several unique features that will help you identify a palmetto bug once you get into contact with one. A full-grown palmetto bug is dark brown in color and has size of between 1 to two inches and has a long thick antennae. Despite them having fore-wings, these bugs are incapable of flying. The palmetto bugs’ egg case is dark brown in color and is 0.55-0.63 inches (14-16 mm) long and carries 21-23 eggs.

Palmetto Bugs hideouts
Palmetto bugs mostly prefer damp areas and survive best in warm, damp climate. This species mainly is found outdoors but is will be found in the house too when the weather gets extremely cold.
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What are the Signs of Palmetto Bugs infestations?
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You can only conclude to be infested by the palmetto bugs only if you spot them in your premises. However this may be quite nonfunctional as these bugs only show up at night as they are nocturnal. The following signs will help you in determining their presence.

Dark Brown Shell Casings
You can easily identify an infestation if you find dark brown shell casings in your home.

Unpleasant Smell
Palmetto bugs often produce a strong, oily odor which becomes unbearable when they invade in large numbers.

Presence of Fecal Droppings in the house
There is always a likelihood of finding fecal droppings on the path used by the bugs. The presence of black sandy particles on your floor is enough sign of an infestation.

How to Deal with Palmetto Bugs’ infestation

Close all the crevices, cracks and holes in your home by using copper mesh, steel wool, and also wire screens in windows, vents and floor drains.

Baits can do Magic
Lightly dust boric acid in places that you have seen the bugs. Making your own baits is also a creative way of dealing with the pest; mix water with one part sugar, one part boric and two parts flour and form balls.

Use Appropriate Pesticide
Any pesticide that has citrus products in it will effectively eradicate the bugs from your house.

Any water and food sources that the bugs can use should be kept away and also ensure that your kitchen area is neat to avoid it being the breeding area of the roaches.

Palmetto bugs are an individual species of the cockroaches and never should they be taken to be anything else. It is an outdoor insect but becomes a pest in your home during the cold weather.

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